October 16, 2007


Well here I am 'finally' posting to my blog. I really, really have good intentions and then I don't do it because I want to add a picture. I'm on a dial-up connection at home so I tend to try to upload my photos from work. Well, I keep forgetting to bring my flashdrive with my pictures! SEW, I decided I better post "something" before I get kicked out of all the rings! LOL!

I have started a new applique project and I will post pictures soon. I have gotten several blocks made in the "Ode to the 1930's" BOM that I have started.

Keep watching -- I'll have pictures soon!


Quilting Pirate said...

no worries....it takes a routine to remember to take care of our blogs! Can't wait to see pictures!

MOLLY said...

Pictures Pictures--We want pictures! M

Anonymous said...

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