September 6, 2007

Wacky Pack Swap

If you have been reading any of the Wacky Pack Girls' blogs, then you know that we are doing a monthly swap. Each member choose a block and everyone makes a block for that person during that month.
Here is a picture of the block I made for Kay. Her choice was Texas Christmas. We have a very creative group and I felt like Kay would get a number of really cool applique' blocks (and she did), so I chose to make her a pieced block.

The next person I made a block for was Annale. She chose Texas as her theme. Once again, I decided to do a pieced block. You cannot have a Texas quilt without bluebonnets, so here you go -- bluebonnets.

We have so much fun with our swaps. We have one more member to get her blocks and that is Jerri. She chose 6-1/2 inch blocks made from repro fabrics. I've got to get busy and her her blocks made before October!

The Wacky group then has to decide what swap to do next. One suggestion is a string block....If you have any ideas for our group, please post them.

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