September 7, 2007

It Came and It Left!!!!

Yeee Haaawwww as we say in Texas! The class catalog came for the Quilting Cruise that I am taking in February. I was so excited that I could hardly open the envelope. I've picked my first and second choices of classes and that registration form has already left to go back to Houston to Quilters Emporium!!!

I signed up for classes with Paula Barnes, Robyn Pandolph, and Linda Everhart. It was really hard to decide which classes to take. I will be taking classes on piecing, applique, bindings, etc. I can hardly wait!!!

The Wacky Pack Quilters have had the phone lines buzzin' talking about what classes we are going to take. Between the eight of us going on the cruise, we are probably going to hit (not literally!) every teacher. This will be great because then we can share with each other everything we learn.

I wish all of you out there were going with us!

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MOLLY said...

Great Post! I AM GOING ON THE SAME CRUISE! How about that? LOL