March 22, 2007

My Friends

I belong to a quilting group called the WackyPac. We are a group of 10 crazy women who love to quilt!! We get together at least once a month for dinner and drinks and then at various times. Sometimes, we have "emergency" meetings to have dinner (mainly a drink) when someone has had a bad day/week.

These girls are my greatest friends and are very supportive. We are always there for each other when the "going gets tuff" whether it be sickness or a bad of quilting! Bad day of quilting??? Is there such a thing? naw, I didn't think sew!

This is a picture of our group that was taken at our 2nd Annual Hunting Opening Weekend Sew-In which was held at the beautiful home of Molly, one of the original members! We had so much fun. What an ordeal it was to get this picture made and get all the cameras taking pictures -- oh well, we always have fun with everything we do!

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