March 23, 2007

The "E" Word

Do you ever think about how we are getting older and our bodies are changing? I know that I sure do. It is a proven fact that "old age ain't for sissies". Now, I try to do good and exercise, but it is so hard. There for a while I was walking on my breaks at work, but then that stopped. It seemed I was 'too busy'. How many times have you said that????

Some of quilting friends are walking. They are worried about how their bodies look. I worry about mine too, but hey, I'm old, I'm a grandmother and I always thought that grandmothers were pudgy! Think about it -- was your grandmothers pudgy? Mine were. They weren't fat, but they were a little pudgy.

I saw this Maxine cartoon about having a 19-year old body and I decided that's a good philosphy! Don't ya just love Maxine!

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