March 20, 2010

National Quilting Day

It is National Quilting Day.....OH MY! What will you do to celebrate?

Will you attend a quilt show with friends?

Will you go fabric shopping at your favorite quilt shop?

Will you fondle all your scraps?

Will just *THINK* about doing some cooking and then *THINK NOT*???

Will you relax and enjoy a nice glass of wine?

Will you act silly with your quilting buddies?

Will you enjoy some good ole coffee and not worry about the kitchen?

Will you make a pretty quilt?

Will you bee of quilting spirit?

Whatevah you choose to do, I hope you have a very, very special National Quilting Day!


Kathie said...

great post
I am celebrating by having a giveaway on my blog and spending the day quilting!
HOpe you enjoy yours!

Cindy said...

I'll do National Quilting Day proud and make a visit to the Quilt Shop. Don't want the day to go unnoticed....LOL

Rhonda said...

Excellent post Kathy......when I get back to the house.....I'll be havin' that glass of wine...followed by a couple of beers.....LOL

SheilaC said...

Love your pictures!!

I celebrated by doing some sewing :)


Angela said...

I spent Quilting Day making a Quilt For Kids quilt top... :o) Still have to get the nerve up to do some machine quilting on it... :o) I am sure a kid will not be too critical of my machine quilting skills... :o)