February 12, 2010

Trees, Trees, Trees

Sometimes I just can't see the forest for the trees! Do you ever feel that way? Well, that is not always a bad thing. If you want to feel good about it, go over to Molly's Place. She is hosting a fantastic BOM called "Tree Time."

Molly is one my "Wacky Sistas" (our quilt group) and these are her very own original designs. She is oh so very talented and I am so proud to call her my friend!!! She has designed some great trees for us to get 'growing'!!! SEW, go check out her blog, gather your supplies, get planted in that favorite chair, and join the fun!

I have decided to use all the same background for my trees. The following is what I have chosen. The picture does not do it justice at all. It is an offwhite background that looks like red, green, and some gold have been splattered all over the fabric! Now I just have to get busy.

You KNOW you want to do this BOM!!!! Just go on over and take a peak. I promise you won't be sorry.


Quilter Kathy said...

I absolutely do want to do it!
I'll try to get myself organized this weekend.

Molly Mandeville Fryer said...

OHMYGOSH! What an advertisment! You made me want to do it all over again!! Love you!!! THANKS!!!

Tara said...

This reminds me of my favorite Christmas tissue paper covered in glitter which reminds me of the glittery "snow" my grandma surrounded her nativity scene with! Do you know what line it's from or what it's called? I want some!

Pat said...

I want to do this, too....and also with the same background for the blocks. I will be going to the LQS on Wednesday and will get some then.

SheilaC said...

Thanks for sharing this info.... looks like a GREAT BOM!!


Karen said...

Thanks for alerting us to the tree BOM. I printed out the first pattern a couple days ago but forgot to come back and thank you for the heads up.