July 24, 2009

Kim Has Done it AGAIN!

Kim over at Bitty Bits and Pieces has done it again! Is this not the cutest little bag you ever saw???? I just love it. It would make great little gift bags. I'm thinking of making some for my little granddaughter to use as gifts for her little friends for birthday parties!
Kim is going to give one of these bags to a lucky winner. Go on over and "put your name in the hat". I mean, you are NOT going to win because I AM, but it would look better if there were other names in the drawing....so, go on....it won't hurt you to not win this time.......(very big grin). Seriously, good luck to everyone!


Pat said...

I saw that earlier and entered and will have it posted on my blog tomorrow. It is a very cute bag!

Kim said...

I love you guys. Thanks for your support!

Julie said...

What a sweet bag! That would be such a good idea to use as gift bags.