October 26, 2008

Weekend Fun and Preparing for Retreat

My weekend began when I picked up my granddaughter for the weekend. My DH is out of town and she decided we needed to have a "girl weekend." Here she is in her cheerleading uniform. She is sew cute, but then I am very partial.

On Saturday, we HAD to go to the movies to see High School Musical III. The move just came out this weekend. It was a very cute show. She LOVED IT. It did bring lots of memories back to me of my high school days. It is hard to believe that I've been out of high school for 38 years. My goodness, someone must be getting old!

After the movie and a bit of shopping, it was time to come home. We went to the quilting studio and got lots done. Camryn played school while I spent time getting ready for the upcoming annual Wacky Pack Opening Weekend of Deer Season Retreat. Here is a basket of treats (or tricks) for the Wackies.

Then I spent time cutting MORE 2-inch strips for the 4-patch exchange that the Wacky Pack Quilters are doing. I've made several sets of 4-patches, but now I have all the strips cut and in this handy little box to take to retreat.

Then I made this cute little Christmas apron. The picture really doesn't do it justice. One of the Wacky Quilters will have the opportunity to take this apron home from the retreat. How do they win it, you ask???? I haven't decided yet!

Then I finished putting the final border on the Spring Fling Round Robin II quilt top. This is just a "sneak peek". I can't show the final picture yet until it has reached its owner. It has left Fairfield and headed on to the quilter to finish and send to the final recipient.

I still have more to do to get ready for retreat. I can't wait. We always have sew much fun when we are all together. I hope the week goes by fast!


Kath said...

You may be partial, but I think she's pretty cute too.
The apron is great - someone will win that huh? Very interesting.
You know who is well on her way to meeting her challange for the upcoming weekend. . . Can't wait!

Nana said...

Your grand daughter is ver very cute! I love the apron. Your not going to the Houston Quilt Festival next weekend? My cousin, a coworker and I are planning to leave FW around 1pm Friday afternoon. We are so excited! Barbara

Kathy Wagner said...

I am so jealous of you gals!
I just know you will have a fantastic time at retreat!
I am curious to know what is in the bags of treats or tricks?!?!

MOLLY said...

WOW--gifts, and games, and prises, OH MY!! This weekend is "Fall Back" We will get one whole hour of extra quilting!! Maybe we should plan something special for this hour~

QuiltedSimple said...

Wow you were busy this weekend. Love all those goodies for your retreat!

mjnauert said...

Oh my gosh your granddaughter is a cutie...man, I remember being able to wear a cheerleading uniform. I couldn't squeeze into one of those if someone paid me; and believe me, no one will be paying!
Have lots of fun this weekend and take a lot of incriminating photos!

Teresa said...

A cute granddaughter and I bet you are a wonderful grandma. One can tell these things just cause your granddaughter wanted to spend time with you. I have 3 grandsons and one granddaughter and just found out today, another grandson on the way.

Fran said...

Cute grandaughter, but aren't thy all? I have 5 and every one of them is a beauty in my eyes.

Sounds like you have a weekfull of fun coming up and I'm jealous..lol..

Have fun and 'see' you when you return.


Rhonda said...

She is so cute Kathy. Boy, have you been busy. You and me both, can't wait for the retreat. The countdown has begun! See you there.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you must have been so busy! Nice treats and goodies. Your granddaughter is so cute.

Enjoy the retreat.